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How To Unlock HTC Amaze 4G:

Many people want to know how to unlock htc Amaze 4G for free on their mobile phone. Unfortunately, the only free HTC Amaze 4G unlock codes simply DO NOT WORK. The only way how to unlock the htc Amaze 4G is by knowing the original unlock code for htc Amaze 4G. However, HTC and other manufacturers do not give this code out. The only way to get unlock codes for HTC Amaze 4G is to have special access to HTC's database, and NOT by using some "magic" htc Amaze 4G unlock code generator to unlock it.... Don't fall for predatory online unlocking services - there is no free unlock htc Amaze 4G

This is where HTC Sim Unlock comes in! Enjoy an unlocked phone from the WORLD'S #1 rated HTC Amaze 4G Unlocking service - used by HTC employees themselves! Unlocking your phone is easy, secure, and it does NOT void your warranty at all. After placing your safe and secure order for your unlock code, you will have access to the code unlocking form where you will submit the IMEI number of the sim card in your phone. Once you order and submit the IMEI number, it doesn't take long(and even instantly with Express Order) to receive the ORIGINAL HTC Amaze 4G unlocking code. Along with your un lock code, we will send you htc instructions to enter the sim unlock code and then you will have an unlocked phone!

Once your cell phone is unlocked, you can use your mobile phone on any telephone network worldwide such as: Orange (O2 UK), T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Vodaphone, Virgin, Bell, Telus, Softbank, US Cellular, Verizon, Cingular, Airtel, Rogers, and many more!

A reliable IMEI unlock process will be as painless as possible, if you ask any customers with unlocked htc cell phones. The method to unlock an HTC mobile device is much easier than unlocking cell phones from other brands. That is because it only requires a sim network unlock pin which gives "permission" from the phone to connect to other cellular network services.

Which HTC phones can be unlocked:
All of them are supported handsets! We have helped over 1 million users with the HTC unlocking process on all the htc phones for use on another cell phone network. Once you place your order, you will have the ability to unlock any of the HTC Phones such as the HTC desire, htc hd, htc wildfire, htc hd2, htc touch, and even the less popular models like the Android HTC, HTC incredible, htc sync, htc sense, htc diamond, htc windows phone 7, and other htc 4g phones. You will be able to download free HTC Amaze 4G apps after ordering. The unlocking process is permanent, even after an htc update! So, if you are wondering about unlocking your phone - yes we can unlock it!
Before buying HTC unlocking codes for your phone:
You must first check to see if your phone accepts an htc Amaze 4G lock code. To do this simply insert a different network sim card into your cell phone and see if the unlock code screen is displayed for the IMEI. If a screen DOES NOT APPEAR that asks you to enter the gsm unlock code, or if you don't have this option in your phone menu, please contact HTC or your service provider to ensure your phone can be unlocked before placing your order.
Reviews of the HTC Amaze 4G:

How to Perform the HTC Amaze Unlock
Understanding the features of the HTC Amaze 4G will go a long way in facilitating an easy, fast and safe HTC Amaze unlock. Whether the phone comes locked to T-Mobile or any other network, there is an unlock code for any HTC Smartphone. And while the unlock codes come at a fee, the unlock is a one-time expense but with numerous benefits. In fact, in the long run, you realize that it makes more economic sense to unlock your HTC phone than to stay locked on one carrier.
HTC Amaze 4G model hit the market in October 2011, and it is amongst the many products to add to the HTC desires basket. Being a relatively new entry in the market, you find that many of them come locked to a particular network, and thus making a HTC Amaze unlock almost a necessity for all users of this phone.

Features of HTC Amaze 4G
The phone’s physical dimensions are 130mm by 65.6 mm by 11.8mm and it weighs 172.9 grams. Having controls that are touch-sensitive, the phone’s display is made of an S-LCD capacitive touch screen. The size of the screen measures 540 by 960 pixels and is 4.3 inches. The phone does not have the latest HTC Sense version, Sense 4.0. However, it comes with HTC Sense 3.0 user interface.
When it comes to data management, the HTC Amaze 4G is GPRS and EDGE enabled with a HSDPA and HSUPA speed of 42 Mbps. It has Bluetooth with NFC and USB v2.0. The phone comes with a microSD memory of up to 32 GB and an internal memory of 16GB. Its RAM is 1GB. These data features have a bearing on the phone’s bandwidth and hence the HTC Amaze unlock. HTC Amaze 4G comes with two cameras, the primary camera and a secondary one. The former is 8 MP with an autofocus feature while the latter is 2 MP.
The Smartphone uses Android operating system, just as is the case with many other HTC smartphones. Its HTML browser is adobe Flash enabled, making your browsing experience a ride in the park. Other features of the phone include the following:

  • A dedicated microphone for voice cancelation
  • Google search feature, Gmail, YouTube, Gtalk, Maps and Picasa integration.
  • Both MP3 and MP4 players.
  • Voice memo
  • Text input that is predictable.
  • Document viewer.

From the above wonderful features of the HTC Amaze 4G, it gives you all the reasons to yearn for an HTC Amaze unlock. As you can see, an unlock will open up to a whole new world of fun and entertainment in using your phone.

How the HTC Amaze Unlock Works
Before you can purchase your HTC Amaze unlock codes, it is important to first of all establish whether the phone is SIM locked or not. There are basically two models of the HTC Amaze 4G phone, and that is the GSM model and the dual GSM-CDMA model. For the first model, simply insert a SIM for a different carrier and then switch the device on. If the phone is locked, the unlock prompt screen will be displayed.
On the other hand, for the dual GSM-CDMA handsets, there are two approaches that you can take. First, change the SIM to a different network and then switch the phone’s mode to GSM. Restart the device and check for the unclock prompt screen. For the second approach, once you have changed the SIM card and switched to GSM mode, go to Settings and then SIM Lock. From here, if the phone is locked, you will be prompted for the unlock code.
Once you have established the unlock status of your HTC Amaze 4G, proceed to purchase the unlock code. You will be asked some information about your handset, the network carrier you are currently locked to and your location. Please ensure that the information that you provide is correct.
The HTC Amaze unlock code will be sent to you via email. Each code usually comes with its specific set of instructions on how to go about the HTC Amaze unlock. Ensure you follow the instructions to the latter.

Benefits of unlocking HTC Amaze 4G

  • For travelers, you get to make tremendous savings on roaming charges.
  • An HTC Amaze unlock will go a long way in helping you to clearly separate your business contacts and calls from other social/home calls.
  • Your unlocked handset will always have a higher resell value.
  • Unlocking using the unlock code doesn’t void your device’s warranty.

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