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How To Unlock HTC Status:

Many people want to know how to unlock htc Status for free on their mobile phone. Unfortunately, the only free HTC Status unlock codes simply DO NOT WORK. The only way how to unlock the htc Status is by knowing the original unlock code for htc Status. However, HTC and other manufacturers do not give this code out. The only way to get unlock codes for HTC Status is to have special access to HTC's database, and NOT by using some "magic" htc Status unlock code generator to unlock it.... Don't fall for predatory online unlocking services - there is no free unlock htc Status

This is where HTC Sim Unlock comes in! Enjoy an unlocked phone from the WORLD'S #1 rated HTC Status Unlocking service - used by HTC employees themselves! Unlocking your phone is easy, secure, and it does NOT void your warranty at all. After placing your safe and secure order for your unlock code, you will have access to the code unlocking form where you will submit the IMEI number of the sim card in your phone. Once you order and submit the IMEI number, it doesn't take long(and even instantly with Express Order) to receive the ORIGINAL HTC Status unlocking code. Along with your un lock code, we will send you htc instructions to enter the sim unlock code and then you will have an unlocked phone!

Once your cell phone is unlocked, you can use your mobile phone on any telephone network worldwide such as: Orange (O2 UK), T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Vodaphone, Virgin, Bell, Telus, Softbank, US Cellular, Verizon, Cingular, Airtel, Rogers, and many more!

A reliable IMEI unlock process will be as painless as possible, if you ask any customers with unlocked htc cell phones. The method to unlock an HTC mobile device is much easier than unlocking cell phones from other brands. That is because it only requires a sim network unlock pin which gives "permission" from the phone to connect to other cellular network services.

Which HTC phones can be unlocked:
All of them are supported handsets! We have helped over 1 million users with the HTC unlocking process on all the htc phones for use on another cell phone network. Once you place your order, you will have the ability to unlock any of the HTC Phones such as the HTC desire, htc hd, htc wildfire, htc hd2, htc touch, and even the less popular models like the Android HTC, HTC incredible, htc sync, htc sense, htc diamond, htc windows phone 7, and other htc 4g phones. You will be able to download free HTC Status apps after ordering. The unlocking process is permanent, even after an htc update! So, if you are wondering about unlocking your phone - yes we can unlock it!
Before buying HTC unlocking codes for your phone:
You must first check to see if your phone accepts an htc Status lock code. To do this simply insert a different network sim card into your cell phone and see if the unlock code screen is displayed for the IMEI. If a screen DOES NOT APPEAR that asks you to enter the gsm unlock code, or if you don't have this option in your phone menu, please contact HTC or your service provider to ensure your phone can be unlocked before placing your order.
Reviews of the HTC Status:

HTC Status phone is one of the greatest and classy smart phones available today. The concern of unlocking phones is greatly becoming a necessity in various countries as it enables one to economize on the cost of communication .Unlocked phones are cheaper as they neither deny one the accessibility to different networks nor limit one to one particular network.HTC status unlock has 2.6 inch HVGA touch screen with 480x 320 resolution that is protected from breaking with corning gorilla glass. It has a dimension of 114.4 X64.6 X10.7 millimeters; this reveals to one how sleek the HTC status is, in addition, it has a QWERTY keyboard.

HTC Status uses bandwidth connection of second generation and third generation of that facilitates fast internet connection and only weigshs105.2 grams. The phone also has a 5 megapixel camera of 2592x1944 pixels that has an autofocus and an LED flush and also a front facing camera.

HTC status phone has an expandable memory of up to 32GB; the phone incorporates a phone memory of 512MB RAM and 512 MB ROM. In addition to that, it has a MSM 722,800MGHz processor. The features of data the makes transfer of data easier and faster. The phone also has 2.0 Bluetooth with ADP, a 2.1 micro USB port, as well as, Wi-Fi. It uses an operating system from android and the version it makes use of is 2.3 and known as Gingerbread which gives the phone the capability to operate faster. More to this, the phone makes use of HTML it also has applications that are installed by default from the operating system, these apps include; Picasa, G-talk, search by Google, maps by Google, twitter, face book and many others.

HTC status phone has a standard lithium-Ion battery of 1300 mAh capacity. At stand by the battery last for up to 480 hours and during talk time it takes 7 hours 20 minutes before recharge. This phone models only comes in two skin color which is black and silver.

Unlocking your HTC status phone using unlock codes is the easiest, safest and most recommended form of unlocking your phone as it is fast and most effective. The online servers cannot provide your user code because the codes are customized and can only be changed by the manufacturers.

When you unlock your phone, then you are actually giving your phone the chance to access other networks that are available; this will allow one to be able to use the phone on any network around the globe. The being able to unlock a HTC status phone is now easy and it would be a good move if one did this to enjoy the pros of being the owner of an unlocked HTC Status phone.

For one to be able to unlock HTC status, at first you need to enter the codes *#06# to make it possible for you to get the serial number of the phone. When you have the right serial number, you will have to provide this so that a network search could be performed then the unlock code and unlocking procedure will be delivered to you via email. You should understand that the IMEI number that serves as identity for your phone internationally. This creates identity for your phone and without it, one cannot gain access to any mobile network in this world.

It is important to know that usage of phones that are unlocked in other nations will lead to loss of network coverage and one may be forced to use emergency calls only.

When one uses the unlocked HTC status they will realize that it comes with a lot of advantages but people unlock their phones mainly because it saves you roaming charges as you are able to change your SIM freely to other networks have low rates while travelling and also gives you the chance to use any SIM or any Network

Using unlocked HTC status phone also gives one the freedom to freely switch from your current phone provider to another without having to replace your phone. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy cheap services in other networks.
In addition, the process of unlocking your phone is easy and fast as it only takes 5 minutes or less of your time because it only involves dialing a number on your phone and also don’t need to install any software. Unlocked HTC status phone makes the liking of the HTC Status grow in the shops because one can easily access other cheaper networks using the same phone

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