Refund Policy

Here at HTC SIM Unlock, we will refund your order if we are not able to find an unlock code for your phone or if the code we provide does not work.

Incorrect code refund request

  • In the unlikely event that the code we provide does not work to unlock your HTC phone, please follow the instructions bellow to request your refund.
  • Record a video of a failed unlock attempt
  • The video must show the IMEI number of the phone in the settings and a failed unlcok attempt using the provided code
  • Email the video to

The money back guarantee does not apply if:

  • You are not able to enter the SIM unlock code due to carrier restrictions
  • The phone is not running stock software (please revert back to the stock software and try again. There's a 99% chance that the code will work)
  • The phone is already SIM unlocked (please make sure that the phone can be unlocked before purchasing an unlock code)
  • You are using a supported MVNO SIM and the unlock code is not needed. We always recommend you check that your HTC phone needs a SIM unlock code BEFORE you purchase one from us.